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Allchem Performance is a well-established distributor with an experienced team supplying raw materials to customers throughout Europe. We are more than just a successful distributor; our extensive experience and product knowledge allows us to offer a consultative and collaborative approach towards our customers, helping them to resolve technical queries related to their purchased products. We work closely both with manufacturers and our customers to deliver not only the best products but also to assist in technical solutions to their problems. We endeavour to deliver best in class products for a variety of diverse market sectors.


Superior quality epoxy resins to meet the high performance requirements of the aerospace industry.

  • TGPAP & Novolac Epoxy
  • Special Epoxy & High Tg Epoxy
  • Specific pre-preg. Epoxy
  • Bespoke performance Epoxy

Wood finishes & Laminates

A variety of silanes and resins that help ensure a high quality finish.

  • Organosilane
  • Epoxy resin & Acrylic resin
  • Phenolic resin

Ultraviolet Composites

Our product range of HALS, resins, absorbers and photoinitators help harness the power of ultraviolet rays from sunlight whilst protecting coatings and surfaces from degradation.

  • HALS
  • UV Resins
  • UV Absorbers
  • Photoinitiators

Fillers & Extenders

Our range of fillers and extenders help in optimising cost for a number of applications across industries.

  • Talc
  • Ti8C
  • Zeolite & Dolomite
  • TiO2 & TiO2 Hybrid


Composites have become ubiquitous in almost every major industrial sector and our range of epoxies help bring quality, reliability and efficient performance to your composite applications.

  • Hardeners
  • Novolac Epoxy & Special Epoxy
  • High Tg Epoxy
  • Bis A  & Bis F Epoxy


Our product offerings for the fibre glass segment help bring improved performance through strength of material and optimised product weight.

  • Organosilane
  • TEOS
  • Mercaptosilanes

Plastics & Compounds

High performance talcs and resins from our principals offer reliability in every application of plastics.

  • Talc
  • TiO2 & TiO2 Hybrid
  • Thermoplastic acrylic resins

Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesion and sealing properties are further enhanced using our range of chemicals that bring reliability and efficiency to your products.

  • Cross Linkers
  • Organosilanes
  • Crosslinking silanes

Coatings & Inks

In addition to the products mentioned below, please get in touch if you would like to discuss high quality products for bespoke applications within the coatings and inks segment.

  • TiO2 & TiO2 Hybrid
  • UV & Acrylic resins & Epoxy Acrylate
  • Photoinitiators & Urethane Acrylate


Applications for electronic boards are sensitive in nature. Our products ensure strong adhesion without affecting the nature of the conduction.

  • Metal-CCL & UV adhesive
  • PET Back Coating, PC Hard Coating
  • Adhesives for Semiconductors

Foundry Resins

The foundry industry demands high performance and our range of resins offer reliability and quality in foundry castings.

  • Organosilane
  • TEOS